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What is the best online virus scanner available?

Original message posted by Joshua Jones on 05-12-04.

Can someone recommend a good online virus scanner?

Reply by Jim on 05-13-04.

Trend Micro has a good online scanner. You can access it directly at

Reply by Robert Smith on 12-07-05.

TrendMicro is very good. But if you want a scanner that protects your PC fulltime, you might try AVG. I really like AVG's free version. It is very highly rated (as highly rated as any virus scanner you must pay for and higher rated than most) and it scans realtime (as your browser pulls down files from the 'net). As an added bonus, it scans all your incoming POP email too. IMO, AVG is just a higher level of protection than a web-based scanner as those types of scanners can only find viruses after you're already infected. AVG can actually keep your PC from getting infected to start with (it has done it for me many, many times). It also updates itself automatically every day, so it's sort of a "set it and forget it" type program you might say. You can get it at: Note: I'm not affiliated with AVG in anyway -- just a big fan :)

Reply by Ken on 02-24-06.

I researched antivirus products recently for the pc. I agreed with most of what is written previously. I thought trend micro was the best choice until I asked Shawn Parrish with He has a full time ministry helping missionaries with their computers. He recommends Norton Antivirus. If you want free- avg is good - the paid version of avg is better, but you might have problems according to Shawn Parrish. He told me that he has had to fix a lot of computers that had avg, trend micro,avast, etc... on them. He also recommends Norton Client Security. He doesnt recommend Norton System Works. He has a free pc manual on his web site and some computer forums. It is worth the visit and could save you a lot of problems taking his advice. This is what he wrote to me "In my experience, McAfee, PC Cillin, avast and AVG are all sub-par virus filters. I've cleaned up too many machines that were "protected" by these products. The only product I trust is Norton Antivirus (NOT Internet Security) but prefer Symantec Client Security over the Retail Norton."

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