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SILENT Puppet Scripts!

Original message posted by Glen Robertson on 08-22-16.

Hello While searching the web I found your site, with its pages on puppetry. I'm shortly returning to South America as a missionary. Before I take up residence there I plan to tour the Continent. I know extremely little Spanish, so am in a bit of a bind as to how to evangelize. I tried one method to adults successfully last year, but in the meantime have found some marionettes in a garage sale here in Canada. I'm thinking that perhaps an impromptu puppet show in town squares might gather a crowd. I'm wondering whether your puppeteers might have some ready-made scripts for silent puppet shows, suitable for outreach, as I know very little Spanish. I'm no puppeteer, and not exactly a children's outreach worker, so my creativity in this regard is somewhat lacking. Any help you might be able to offer would be appreciated! Thank you! In His Name, Glen Robertson

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