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I'm trying to find some good online templates for building websites

Original message posted by Joshua Jones on 05-13-04.

Anyone know of a site with free templates for building websites? This would be very helpful when working with missionaries.

Reply by Chaplain Brian Curry on 11-24-04.

Hi Joshua Look under Christian Web Hosting . They have a site called Express that has free templates. Good luck . PS

Reply by John on 08-19-05.

If you buy some not expensive hosting and they offer sitebuilder with it you fill in info and it creates a site for those who can't do it well that would be best solution

Reply by Dominick Antonino on 09-15-05.

I have recently used Blue Voda site builder from Voda Host. You have to use their hosting, but it is only 9.95/month, and they will register your domain name free. The site builder is very easy to use, and gives you many options including templates. Just go to or Check it out for yourself.

Reply by Ken on 02-01-06.

Http:// free web site templates

Reply by Ken on 02-01-06.

Http:// ServantSite aims to be a blessing to all those who serve our Lord as missionaries by providing a free dynamic personal website solution to help them communicate their vision, needs and praise reports to all who would hear. ServantSite is licensed under the GPL (General Public License) and can freely be downloaded, used, and modified according to the license. The intent is to be a blessing and ensure that it will always be free of charge. Right now, ServantSite is being developed by one lone geek - myself - Shawn K. Parrish. is leading the development for ServantSite. Shawn K. Parri

Reply by Ken on 02-01-06.

2) NO HTML REQUIRED, FREE WEB SITES FOR MISSIONARIES -- is a new website that offers missionaries a free web- managed web site to keep their partners up on what they are doing as a missionary. Creating your own web site is free of charge, though donations to defray server and usage costs are welcome. The site offers a variety of features; a personal web address, anonymity if serving in a sensitive area, unlimited news updates and prayer requests, picture uploading and total management of the web site with no knowledge of html. To find out more information about this ministry, or to sign up for your own account, go to:

Reply by Ken on 02-01-06.

Http:// WebMissions is a ministry staffed by Christian volunteers devoted to serving Christian Missionaries. WebMissions will gladly host your current site or feel free to use our do it yourself sites using a great site building tool called Servantsite. This tool was created by Shawn Parrish a missionary devoted to serving fellow missionaries in the field. We also offer a great ad free blog tool NotePad. WebMissions is approaching its fifth year of service. We are pleased to use the latest technology to support Christian missionaries in the field; helping them to share their needs, prayer concerns, and efforts with their friends, families, and supporters through effective use of the Internet. If you are a Christian Missionary, and you are interested in having a website for your ministry, we invite you to request a site today.

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