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Which audio programs are best for learning other languages?

Original message posted by Jesse O'Reilly on 06-22-05.

Of course, the best way to learn another language is through total immersion, but what audio courses have you found helpful in language learning? I've tried Pimmsleur's Mandarin and Cantonese courses, but they seem pretty repetitive. Any suggestions?

Reply by Joshua Jones on 06-24-05.

Jesse, I'm a big fan of Living Language. They have textbooks that use accompanying audio CD's to read the actual text. What a great idea!
I didn't get too much out of Pimmsleur. Matter-of-fact, I try to avoid any program that promises to have me speaking Russian in 10 days.

Reply by Nathanael on 07-04-05.

I live in a University town. I've found that going to the language teachers at the university and finding out which textbooks they use can be helpful. They're a little more expensive, but often more exhaustive than the books you find in a bookstore.

Reply by Ken on 01-31-06.

Http:// Here are some places I have found. I think Rosetta Stone has a good reputation.

Reply by Ken on 01-31-06.

Http:// You may see my link at the above web site for language learning resources. I know that Hippocrene Books is an excellent place to look for language learning resources. Shalom, Ken

Reply by Evange Murl Spinks on 08-01-11.

Please send me some Information on you DVD and Books and Bible Study

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