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Helping with phone expense

Original message posted by Billy Self on 08-08-05.

My name is Billy Self and I work for Velocenet, Inc. A few days ago I was having a conversation with a co-worker about our “broadband telephone service” and it occurred to me that this product could be very helpful to people in the mission field. Basically, all broadband phone services (or VOIP as it’s referred to in the industry) use a person’s existing high-speed internet connection to make phone calls. Since the calls travel over the existing internet network, and not the traditional telephone network, there is a huge savings. We’d like to pass that on to your missionaries and help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With this in mind we created a special pricing program for missionaries (and churches) of only $36.95 per month for each line. Here’s how it works. As an example, let’s say a missionary from Charlotte, NC is stationed in Bangkok, Thailand… Velocenet could ship a router programmed with a Charlotte phone number to the missionary and people in Charlotte could then place phone calls to Bangkok as if it were a local call. No charge! Also, because the service uses the internet, the missionary could call anywhere in the US as often and as long as they like for the flat rate of $36.95 per month. No surprises, no gimmicks, no extras! The invoice will be exactly $36.95 each month. (There is a one-time only programming fee of $49.95 that helps us cover a portion of the shipping and set-up cost). If you’d like to learn more you can visit our web site at or better yet, just call me at 1.800.217.0708. God Bless You,

Reply by Julie Christian on 06-21-08.

So catholic's arent christian? ugh. do you konw anything about history? anything?

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