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Drama and Mime Skit Scripts

Original message posted by Joshua Jones on 09-12-05.

Where can you find good re-producible skits for drama and mime ministry? In the past, we have done mimes such as the "Heart Mime" and "Chair Mime" but I can never find these anywhere when searching the net. Even harder would be finding the music that went along with them. Any ideas would be great!

Reply by Joshua Jones on 09-20-05.

I've taken the liberty of re-writing the scripts for some common mimes that I know by memory. As I have time, I'll post them in the Drama & Mime Section as articles.

Reply by Lis on 11-15-05.

I'm going to ghana and burkina faso in december and our mission team is trying to put together the heart mime. i ditto you on trying to find the music and rewriting it by memory. please pass it on when you come across it...i don't have much time

Reply by Ken on 01-31-06.

Http:// This is my drama, mime and skit directory. I have some more resources if someone wants to email me.

Reply by SON on 02-21-06.

For the CHAIR mime we used Henri Manchini's PINK PANTHER music - works really well, has some great cues & very catchy as many people are familiar with it!

Reply by Janet on 06-16-06.

Hello! I am looking for street mimes for 1-2 people. I am interested in sowing seeds. Messages with hope and not too much outward religious tones. Is the 'heart' mime the one about a boy taking a girl's heart and playing with it? I have the dramashare link and the missionresources link already. I am trying to find the link to YWAM resources. The one on the missionresources link doesn't go thru'. Thanks for any help you can give me. Janet

Reply by Marissa on 06-21-06.

I saw that a couple of people were looking for the "heart" mime. I have also been looking for it, so i googled it and was successful. hopefully this is the same one you are looking for and it will help you out. the address is if that doesn't work, just google heart mime and it was the first link to come up. hope it's helpful! good luck!

Reply by Sara on 07-07-06.

Well actually my drama team does a skit called the "heart skit" is that what you're looking for it has no talking in it and it has a plusone song playing and its about a guy who tries to take a girl away from her relationship with god .. ?? don't know if that is what you're talking about but if so we do it in our drama team.

Reply by Sue on 02-21-07.

I'm looking for a sketch for our missions Sunday. have you ever seen the script on waiting on god? 2 people one is preparing for the Mission field the conventional way and the other person is waiting by the telephone to answer the call from God.

Reply by Meghan on 03-13-07.

I working for a non-profit missions organization that sends teams over to Eastern Europe orphanages and we are looking for mime skits for Americans to perform. Do you have any suggestions or scripts that would be available?

Reply by WANDA on 04-18-07.

Hi, i'm looking for any skits for mime and dance with sign language can any one help me also where do you find the music to go alone with the mime skits?

Reply by Sara on 05-03-07.

Hello out there, I am looking for a fun drama skit for children ages 3-12 to present at finale for VBS week. The weeks theme is Sports and centers around looking for a Hero. Would like for the theme to make Jesus Christ our ultimate Hero! First time as Drama director and really need some help.

Reply by Jackie Arnold on 05-10-07.

Hello,I am looking for fun drama skits for children ages 5-13 that share who Jesus is and how to have a relationship with him.

Reply by Sally on 05-14-07.

Hi, I am looking for free mime skits for children ages 8-12 to do in opening church services. Missionary- Chgignik Bible Chapel P.O. Box 73 Chignik, Alaska 99564

Reply by Frank on 07-04-07.

I am looking for the Mary and Joseph commune skit

Reply by Moses on 09-25-07.

Looking for mimes and skits to perform on a missions night.Am a student at Scott Theological college in Kenya.

Reply by Alison on 11-09-07.

I am looking for a christmas skit

Reply by Rosetta Nerem on 04-07-08.

Hi- I'm looking to establish a mime/clown team w/ my grandchildren! Foolishly got rid of all the wonderful material I had years earlier on the mission field (LAM-Spearhead). Would like mime skit scripts w/ the music/soundtracks. We had "beating heart" music for the Heart mime. Another mime we called "Doors", music track had carefully timed slamming doors, music for the running man, worship God music, idol worship music, etc. I really would like to reproduce that. Thanks sooo much! In Christ, Rosetta Nerem

Reply by Amy on 10-08-08.

Hello. My husband & I are Missionaries to Mexico and we are holding a crusade in Nov, where we are expecting between 3000-5000 people. I am looking for some human videos, or mimes, etc. to do in Spanish. Is there anyway that you can help me? Gracias y tenga un buen dia!

Reply by Suzie on 04-08-09.

Hello im working on establishing a drama team at our churcha dn we are currently working on an intergreted drama with speaking part interapive movement and sign language. I need to find white mime masks that are not the flimsy things you get from oriental trading. Got those already and not only do they not fit my adults involved one of them bent while some one took it off and will never be the same. lol. we are doing ours to the skit of The rest of the story it uses ThirdDay music theif love song king of glory. I would be glad to email to anyone.God Bless

Reply by Malavika on 08-29-09.

Hey people i need i mime script for the teens group it should be a happy mime. my id is but after ten days plz mail me at plz if u know any of the send me a mail and the details of the site and i will be very thankfull.

Reply by Carly on 08-29-09.

Hey I know a website that has great scripts that are free and easy to use. they even list them in themes and sumbjects. Just go to

Reply by Dinesh on 09-23-09.

Hi ppl, i am doin an i need a mime script for my college function, mine should be diofferent an make everyone laugh an think too. i need it sooner plz help me out

Reply by ARUN.P.G on 11-11-09.

Hi ppl, i am doin an i need a mime script for my school function, mime should be different and make everyone laugh an think too. i need it soon plz help me out

Reply by Karen on 01-09-10.

Looking for skit for giving of yourself its a silent mime skit were you you are a homeless person and give away all your personal belongs to the audience even your last piece of try bread you end up ging the white off your face to the audience very touching I just can't remember all of the skit does any one know of this?

Reply by Naomi on 06-16-10.

Most of these post are really old, so I'm sorry if this is too late to help some of you out. I was involved in some dramas as a kid and loved it. I want kits to the same dramas, and have found only 2. Some people asked for info on a "Hearts' drama. The only one I know of about hearts is called "King of Hearts". It's popular and can be found pretty easy googling. You can also watch it on youtube, to see if it's the one you are thinking of. Also another popular drama is called "Redeemer", or "The Redeemer". It can also be found/watched on youtube. Places that could be helpful:, and (look for the drama kits tab). I want info on a mime drama (done to a soundtrack) called "Doors". I saw it once, and never forgot it. I REALLY want to get the info for this!! If anyone can help, thank you!!!

Reply by Naomi on 06-17-10.

Hi. I posted this already, but I think I did in the wrong thread, so I'm posting again. Popular dramas such as "King of Hearts" and "The Redeemer" can be found to watch on youtube, to see if it's a drama you knew once, or if it's something you'd want to do. Kits for these dramas can be found on: Someone asked for "The Running Man" and the "Heart" drama. Both can be found on: Other dramas (he wrote these himself)can be found on: Categories of dramas can be found on: Hope this helps. Sorry if the links don't work, but maybe you can type the site in the url bar and find what you need that way.

Reply by Katrece on 09-18-10.

I'm looking for instrumental mime music with great sound effects. Any suggestions would be AWESOME! Thanks in advance.

Reply by Jojo on 06-29-11.

Hi Gods people,I'm part of the youth drama /dance choreography group in ma church....n I'm looking forward to taking the ministry to a diff level in reaching out and impacting to the lost around the world.any collaborations is very much appreciated

Reply by Pulez on 09-14-11.

Hi! I need more information in mime that is done by 1 person. It can be a christian song or christian story. Your co-operation will be appreciated

Reply by Carol on 06-03-12.

Looking for skit with very little or no words. We are trying to use sports theme and learning how to be Champions for God. any suggestions for a short skit - little or no props? thanks

Reply by Paul on 01-17-13.

Hi, Does anyone remember a drama ministry called Messenger International? I used their material about 20 years ago and have recently tried to find them again. They had some very good skits and soundtracks. Sound familiar to anyone? Thanks.

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