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Need dental work

Original message posted by Michael on 10-12-05.

Missionary family preparing to return overseas needs dental work (currently in the DFW area). Do you know a dentist that would provide deeply discounted price for crowning a cracked tooth? We cannot be cleared to return overseas until this is taken care of and dental insurance will not cover. Grateful for any help!

Reply by Elizabeth Acton on 10-18-05.

What is the DFW area?

Reply by Joshua Jones on 10-18-05.

Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas

Reply by Brian on 02-05-06.

In Mexico along the border, you can have a tooth crowned for $100 for each tooth, just be sure you find a reputable doctor, it costs about $100 for a round trip to the Mexican border on the bus

Reply by Sandra Harkleroad on 12-29-06.

Do you know any orgnazation or dentist in bristol va.or bristol tn.that will help my husband and I with free dental care or very low cost dental care? It can also be in abington virginia.we both are on ssi wich is a fixed low income.If anyone knows please email me we are in desperate need of dental care. thank you and god bless you. sandra harkleroad.

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