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Hymnal Music

Original message posted by Pastor Wayne Weckeman on 10-14-05.

We are a small church which does not yet have musical accompaniment for congregational singing. Have been told there are electronic machines which have pre-recorded hymnal music for mission fields. Not really sure what I am looking for but thought someone may have info on this equipment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. In Christ, Pastor Wayne First Bible Church of Pike Co.Pa.

Reply by Joshua Jones on 10-14-05.

We had this problem for a while, we just used an iPod and a basic sound system. Our "worship leader" just got up and sang along with the pre-recorded music. It was awkward at first, but everyone got used to it quickly and it worked great! Vineyard and Hillsongs have some good cd's to sing along with. God bless!

Reply by Ken on 01-31-06.

Http:// Here are some places to ask. One of the web sites is regarding Roland Synthesizers. I would call the Roland company and the Alesis company. I think that they sell synthesizer modules separately. There is also info on a magazine called Midi in Ministry on the web site above.

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