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Mission events/fairs

Original message posted by Lisa on 10-14-05.

My husband and I are in the process of raising our ministry team to send us to Europe as missionaries. We know that God will provide as He has called us to this, but we also know that getting in front of people is the best way. Does anyone know how to find out about mission events and fairs that missionaries can attend? Thanks for the help and God bless. Lisa Phil3:10

Reply by Elizabeth Acton on 10-18-05.

Some Upcoming missions conferences, conventions, events are on this webcite

Reply by Elizabeth Acton on 10-18-05.

Where are you from or what are you near. That would help me look up events up near you. Thanks.

Reply by Lisa on 10-18-05.

Thank you Elizabeth, we are in the Charlotte NC area. Lisa

Reply by Lisa on 10-18-05.

Thank you Elizabeth, we are in the Charlotte NC area. Lisa

Reply by Ambreen Munir on 11-19-05.

Dear Sir / Madam, Greetings from Pakistan! O Lord please send me where I am needed! I am Ambreen Munir; through search engine I came to know about your organization. I am searching for the opportunities of work as a volunteer get some training; to attend Conferences regarding aging theme and old age homes systems or enroll in administration Education /Courses Upon completion of this experience I would be joining a newly established NGO named HEAVEN (Old Age Home & Day Care Center) in Pakistan who is requesting me to help them in NGO administration and International affairs. I have worked in Radio Veritas Asia Philippines, Urdu Service and their local Center in Pakistan as a Producer / Broadcaster for almost 5 years (Lay mission). Previously, I had been looking for a Mission for my life and thinking to join Singles for Christ / or any other Lay Mission organization outside Pakistan, and I shared this desire with our Archbishop of Lahore in Pakistan he told me that due to society problems we are unable to start a mission for single ladies in Pakistan. May be Lord is asking me to go somewhere else. I am sending my CV and detailed job description as I want to apply for training and volunteer work for Lord's Will in your organization. Presently i am working in a foreign based IT company and interested to apply in your renounce Company. With best Regards Ambreen Munir 00 92 300 4329827 00 92 333 4245827

Reply by Ken on 01-31-06.

Most people raise support in the same denomination in which the church they attend. there are denomination publications and other magazines and newspapers that publicize missions conferences. Many times your pastor will know of these publications. It is a lot easier to answer that question if I know what denomination of church you attend. You can ask different mission boards for recommendations. you can talk to other missionaries for recommendations. you can also get a lot of good info from Many times you have to get on the phone and call different churches in your denomination and ask if you can speak at their church. you can find all kinds of church directories on the internet. another idea which a lot of people do is ask pastors with a lot of connections who know you to help you get an open door in some churches to speak. Shalom, Ken

Reply by Rev Micheal Joseph on 02-17-10.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, We greet you in the name of our Redeemer Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches us to look after the interests of others and not merely to you own. We do know that you people are fully doing the same for which we are highly thankful to our Lord. As the Gospel teaches us that we are parts of the body of Christ, therefore we approach you for special prayers and cooperation to save our young generation from going astray. Being belonging to hand to mouth families even the prospective students (boys and girls) get handicapped from advancing towards prosperity. They are unable to achieve the higher academic or any sort of useful skill education. This part of age is very important and our religious obligation is to come forward and guide them and help them in saving their precious souls specially during the time when they have nothing to do and wait for their results and this is a time when some get addicted and some join other bad companies. Our highest vision is to provide religious academic education to make them fruitful for themselves, their families and society. With our limited sources, we have started some primary schools, adult schools, and few sewing centers for girls in different remote areas of Pakistan. We intend to expand this program through out the country and especially in the rural areas. We hope that you would extend your cooperation to take this young generation out of the depth of ignorance, poverty and disgraceful life. We request you if you have time, visit us and share the message of Truth in our country people that they may know more and use that for the betterment and spiritual growth of their lives. May Lord bless all of you with His mercy and Grace who proclaim the truth, and exalt His name! Yours in Christ, Rev. Micheal Joseph. Director: Young Evangelical Services (yes) (Regd)

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