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Luggage recommendations

Original message posted by Laura on 10-21-05.

Does anyone have luggage recommendations for going overseas longterm? I'm leaving for eastern africa this coming summer for 2 years and have been considering getting one of the backpacks you see hikers using but am not sure if it'll hold everything I need. Thanks, Laura

Reply by .ken on 07-29-07.

Walk About Travel Gear this seems like a good place to buy stuff and for advice. In addition to the regular gadgets (telephone, electrical and modem adaptors, water purifier, etc.), this site offers travel resources you might not normally think about, such as a 6 oz. smoke detector and reverse adaptors for guests from abroad. It also provides free helps, such as a worldwide modem adaptor index and FAQs about electricity. Telephone: (800) 852-7085 Website:

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