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Green Card Holder

Original message posted by S.M.FAROOQUE on 02-10-06.

It is said that a Green Card Holder can't stay out-side USA more than 12 months. In case one is out of USA and wants to remain there for more than that period what he should do?

Reply by Rev. Roy Ross on 12-14-06.

Greetings: I am Rev. Roy Ross now living in the Philippines from the U.S. I can tell you from working with this that unless there has been recent changes the following is how it works. The holder of a Temporary Green Card (your first 2 years in the U.S.) is held to a limited amount of time outside the U.S. Seems I remember it being only 3 months outside the U.S. there has to really be a special reason for you to want to stay outside the U.S. on a temp. Green Card since a green card is supposed to be because you wanted to live IN The U.S. If You have recieved your permanent Green Card, there is no limit on time spent outside the U.S.

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