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Church Missions Directors: keys to getting your church involved?

Original message posted by Nathanael on 06-01-04.

Hello to all of you church missions directors! Can you suggest any keys that have been beneficial to getting your church behind a missions vision? Books, seminars, anything would be helpful!

God bless!

Reply by Heather on 01-11-05.

Hello Nathanael, I am not a Mission Director, but rather a missionary in Lima, Peru. The Mission Director at my home church in California recently told me about a series (messages, book, and work book) called "Perspectives." It has really encouraged our congregation and given them a new heart for missions and the missionaries they already support.

Reply by Ken on 01-31-06.

You can visit Nate Wilson web site at He has some good ideas and links. Perspectives is good. Shalom, Ken

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