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Need Shipping to The Republic of S. Africa

Original message posted by Scott Kuzel on 03-17-06.

I would like to receive some information for a good, dependable, and reasonable shipping company from the USA to the Republic of S.Africa.

Reply by Daniel Gregory on 03-20-06.

Hello Scott, Recieve greeting in the mighty name of our lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Actually my family and I are in the process of going to Zambia not S.Africa, but I was wonmdering if you had an idea about shipping a container to Zambia from the US? Any info would be appreciated! Thanks so much! Danny

Reply by Scott Kuzel on 03-24-06.

Danny, I don't have any information about shipping to Zambia. What applies to one country, may not even apply to another. I'm sorry that I can't be of any help to you in this area. Respectfully, Scott Kuzel

Reply by Nat on 04-26-06.

Greetings! My name is Natasha Rockley. I am 1) a Christian and 2) the director of a shipping company called XS Baggage. Having come from a long line of missionaries, I am trying to orient more and more of my company towards serving the missionary community, coordinating their shipments, etc. We specialize on excess bagggage, unaccompanied baggage, personal effects, LCL, equipment, supplies, etc.. Check out our website and feel free to call me at the headquarters number should you be interested in discussing our services and potential to help you get your effects to Zambia! Kind regards, Natasha

Reply by Rose Salgado on 05-02-06.

Hi Scott and Danny, My name is Rose Salgado and I am a Christian. I work for a shipping company that specialize in shipping Missionaries around the world. We offer FCL, LCL and Airfreight. Please check us out and feel free to contact us at our toll free number (866) 916-0961. Looking forward in hearing from you and to help you with your shipping needs. Blessings! Rose Salgado Modern Shipping, Inc.

Reply by April LaJune on 08-05-06.

We use a distribution center in Kansas City and whatever we need shipped to missions or for missionaries they put it in large barrels and send it over to where ever it needs to go. If you'll email me, I can give you the information.

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