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Missionary nurses

Original message posted by Anna on 04-11-06.

I am doing my best to get into medical missions. I am looking to hear from nurses who have done medical missions and would like to share their stories. I would especially like to hear from those who have perhaps gone to the Sudan. Blessings, Anna

Reply by Darlene Jorif on 08-05-06.

Anna, I'm just seeing your posting for the first time. My church conducts medical missions and we are always looking for nurses, doctors, dental professionals etc. Our next trip is too soon for you to join us but I'd be happy to send you more information. The church is Bethel Gospel Assembly in New York but wee have people join us wherever we're going from different places around the country. Our next trips are planned for next year and we are going to Nigeria and South Africa. I pray that you will be able to join us. Darlene

Reply by MARIA on 12-15-06.


Reply by Glenda on 01-26-07.

Anna, I just saw your message today. This is the first time that I am on this site. I have a small missionary group and we travel to the caribbean to provide care for the poor and the underserved. Please visit our website for some info. We are going to South africa in March. We are always looking for all types of volunteers with different skills. Hope to her from your soon. The website is Glenda

Reply by Kristine on 12-23-07.

I am in California. I am a cardiac nurse. I would like to go on a mission summer of 08. I am an anglican associate as well. Any one going? any one have gone? Need any and all info.

Reply by Angela Kiangi on 06-10-08.

Hi I am Angela from Tanzania, am Christian beliver I've born again.Am a Nurse and HIV Couseller here in my home country. I find a work in the Missionary Centre or anywhwere.

Reply by Willy Komen on 07-22-08.

Hullo I am a trained Medical missionary Nurse,specialized in community diseases,eye care and optics. I am a coordinator of a small medical ministry known as Kensud .We target the Northern Kenya and south Sudan in using Health care as an evangelistic tool.This is my first time to visit this web site.We are looking for partners to help in sending missionary nurses to the marginalized groups who are yet without the gospel and health care

Reply by Angela Brown on 09-14-08.

Go Bless everyone, I'm an LPN of 15 years about to finish my RN. Thank you Jesus. I want to help the poor , provide care to the needy, and treat those that are in most dire need of medical help. Please keep me posted on the trip to Africa.

Reply by Ignatius on 09-26-08.

Hello, am dr ignatius working in mozambique,i started a missionary clinic called st.johns center of hope clinic,people are dying everyday here-i really need your help guys here in terms of medications and supplies.ill be another clinic in a place called massinga on the 11th of october 08,i invite you guys to come and support me that day.I NEED MEDICATION TO HEAL MY PEOPLE-I NEED YOUR SUPPORT.My email address is blessed.ignatius

Reply by Marilyn on 10-04-08.

Hi. I'm an RN who has always had a heart for missions. I am in KY. Not much info here. Can someone send plans for future medical mission teams? Thanks and May God bless.

Reply by Marcy on 10-23-08.

Hi, I'm Marcy. I help coordinate yearly medical missions to El Salvador through the Monett MIssouri Church of Christ. We will be traveling to El Salvador in mid February. If anyone would like to join us, please contact me. May God bless each of you in missions or thinking or missions. Marcy RN, BSN

Reply by Denese Due on 10-26-08.

Hi! I'm Denese. I am interested in the medical missionary and am and Emergency Room RN. Please send me some information so that I, and a friend or two, can join in the most needed and wonderful thing!

Reply by Esther on 01-11-09.

Hey, I'm Esther and a senior in High School. For my career project I'm doing medical missions and I had some questions. Anyone know some good organizations for Christian medical missions? Particularly ones that employ nurses full-time? And for the project I'm suppose to know how much my career pays and I'm wondering (being naive in this) if employees in these kinds of organizations get payed at all? If anyone knows anything please comment. Thank you and God Bless! :)

Reply by Yasmin Seemee on 04-15-09.

I am RN. YASMIN SEEMEE .I AM A CARDIAC NURSE.I AM WORK FOR Jesus with my husband pastor Naveed Akhtar.we arranged free medical camps for poor and needy peoples of slum areas in Pakistan.we also provide hepatitis vaccine free of cost to poor children.we need financial support to continue this work through Share Gospel ministry Pakistan.: pleas visit our web site. i pray for all of you.i am looking for your positive response.

Reply by Mary on 09-10-09.

Hellos I am a Tour Operator in Nairobi, Kenya. I would like very much to work with missionaries willing to help the poor in remote villages and dry areas in Kenya. I also like to work with old people. I an an Anglican. I have an small organization called Christian Age Concern Foundation. Any one willing to work with us you are welcome.

Reply by Dr Nitin on 10-17-09.

Praise the Lord I am a medical doctor from India BAMS I have completed my Ayurvedic course form Pune University I am 35 years old But I wanted to come in full time ministry I am unmarried can you plz pray for my ministry and resources and marriage

Reply by Glenna Claveria on 01-31-10.

Hi everybody! been interested with missionary work for quite a while but never had the chance. my first time to look into the network. i'm a family nurse practitioner who's looking forward to a higher mission in life. currently working in ny hospital base, specialty area, but i've been all around--peds,adult, elderly. anybody who can fill me in with the missions? thanks a lot. PEACE BE WITH YOU ALL & GOD BLESS...

Reply by Andrea on 09-05-10.

Hi Any nurses interested in going to the Dominican Republic in last week June 2011? I have an opportunity if interested. Hope International Ministries, Email me let me know

Reply by Paul on 11-12-10.

Hi Andrea, Yes do contact with me on this address!

Reply by Leah Garrison on 02-23-11.

Hi my name is Leah Garrison, and i am doing a paper on what career I want to have and I chose missionary nursing. I need an interview from a real missionary nurse so I was hoping some of you wouldn't mind answering some questions? thank you so much Leah Garrison

Reply by Kristine Heppner on 03-17-11.

By God's grace I have been on medical mission trips to Africa. I am an LPN and Lord willing I am going to Haiti March 27th 2011 for one month. I appreciate your prayers--even if its one!! I need the Lord's will to be done through this. I do not know what to expect but I am very excited. Please e-mail me if you want to. Kristine.

Reply by Pretty on 08-11-11.

Hi, am a renal dialysis nurse in New Zealand. I so much wanted to go and work in Africa on medical missionary trips but do not know the pathway.Can anybody suggest any pathway,website or advice on if any training needed and where?

Reply by Dollie on 10-03-11.

I am an lpn and have served on several medical mission teams.;; i have also gone with several churches to haiti, ghana, rwanda, and mexico. check out organizations that sponsor missions and get info from them. blessings

Reply by Debbie Sapp on 11-10-11.

Im doing something for my school (an essay)... Just answer this question for me please. Why would someone want to become a missionary nurse?

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