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Husband's Missionary Opp. to Ghana, Africa...

Original message posted by Cheryl on 05-03-06.

HELP..... My husband has a VERY WONDERFUL opportunity to travel to Ghana W. Africa approx July 22/23 to Aug. 8/9/10 (Dates Approximate). He is going to teach music & guitar to some kids at the MN Christian Academy w/ Rev Margaret Yeboah. My husband, Mike, is traveling alone (Not part of a group, that is) & we are looking for that VERY IMPORTANT DISCOUNTED AIRFARE!! Plus, he has a Tax ID #, so is it possible to NOT have to pay air taxes up front? PLEASE, ANY ADVICE is VERY helpful, as QUICKLY as possible!!!!

Reply by Ken on 06-16-06.

Below are places that give discounts for missionary travel. I recommend contacting a few different places to get the best price. I have checked the web sites in June 2006 to see which are current. (visa information)

Reply by Don Kremer on 07-03-07.

Hello, I've been to Ghana over 25 times as we conduct regular missionary efforts there. If we can be of any help with regard to specifics and particulars upon his arrival, please contact us. We can tell you about the food, exchange rates, water, (what NOT to eat) and how to get better rates for your hotel as there is often two prices, one for the Ghana citizen and one for the American. Ghana isa realtively safe country but thievery is rampant due to hos desperate some people are. You can reach us at home at 307-635-3239 Don and Jane

Reply by CHERYL HEILMAN on 07-24-07.

TODAY is TUES JULY 24th, 2007; FORGOT that I even posted my FIRST message LAST MAY 2006. Mike is NOW on a SECOND TRIP right NOW JULY 22nd - AUG. 7th, 2007. Didn't really get any cool air fare "deals" last year OR this year. BUT he is happy doing God's work....& also is now checking onto being credentialled by a group called Interministerial Fellowship (I think...). And Mike is NOW VERY familiar with the people of Ghana.

Reply by C. on 08-13-07. is dedicated to discount airfare for missionaries, churches and mission groups alone. My wife and I are the owners, fellow believer and passionate about global missions. Please feel free to contact us - 9 times out of 10 we will beat ANY price online. I just sent a group of 5 to Malawi and saved EACH person $430 compared to their lowest quote. Feel free to email for a personalized quote: or call 888-849-8850 God bless!

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