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Shipping to Japan

Original message posted by Jami on 06-06-06.

My husband, 2 daughters and myself haved lived in Japan serving as missionaries for over 3 years now. We are currently in the process of adopting a Japanese baby. I would like to get some baby items from the States like a stroller, car seat, etc... can anyone give me some help on saving money on the shipping of these items? Thanks Jami

Reply by Amanda Purchon on 07-07-06.

Hi - I sell childrens clothes / stroller / car seat's. I would love to help you. If you send me an email with what you would like I will send the price including the freight. I am also a freight forwarder. Thanks

Reply by Joshua Jones on 11-26-06.

My wife and I are moving to Japan next July, so we understand what you're going through. Just a thought: Most airlines do not count baby strollers and car seats as part of your luggage allowance. I'm pretty sure you have to have the baby traveling with you; but if you could find a missionary traveling to Japan with a child who won't be bringing these items, perhaps you could piggy-back off their travels and get them to bring it? I know it's a long-shot, but it might work!

Reply by Sophia on 06-04-09.

Hi, I am moving out from New York to Japan at the end of June. I have a few large boxes(books and clothings) to ship. I am looking for low cost ocean freight shipping company... Shipping should be done by before my leaving. If you have any experience or idea, kindly let me know. I would be a great help. Looking forward having your advice ASAP! Sophia

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