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Where is the cheapest place to buy solar panels?

Original message posted by John on 06-23-04.

Anyone have experience purchasing solar panels online? I need some 75watt panels and I want to try and find some good deals before we leave for the field.

Reply by Chris on 11-30-04.

John, I just saw this, so I hope it is not too late to help you. Panels are the least of your worries. They can often be picked up used for good prices as electrification spreads into remote areas. This also helps with the problem of transporting heavy and fragile panels. Of greater concern should be battery and system components, which are more dificult or more expensive to obtain on the field. Also of concern is total system design. I will be happy to help in any way I can if you will let me know where you are going, and what your goals are. Grace & Peace Chris Gorton

Reply by Tom on 12-07-04.

Check with Les Aldeen. He has a ministry and will help get the best prices and help get a system designed for you. Phone is 520-882-9890

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