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Original message posted by Catherine Aalberts on 08-24-06.

Hello, my name is catherine im just geting started in the missionary feild, I know that this is something that god desires me to do and i as well. I am planning to do a dts in january, i'll be leaving for ireland for about 6 months .However, I'm a little nervous.. If anyone could help me get through my cold feet that would be awsome!! thank you god bless!!

Reply by George Temar on 08-29-06.

Dear Catherine, Love and greetings in Christ. Its great to know that you have the passion for mission. It will be very wise for you to tell more about you and the specific purpose of your going there. That will give more a wider understanding for someone to help you. If you don't find help from any ressource, please do feel free to contact me on my email I look forwad to hear from you and see how we can help you. May the Lord reveals His ways and make you know much more clearly His voice regarding His calling. In Christ, George.

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