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English to Hispanics

Original message posted by Lila Nickel on 09-27-06.

I need a program that teaches Hispanics who do not speak English how to read English. I wish to use this as an evangelical tool as well as an educational tool. Thank you, Lila

Reply by Rebecca Kuelker on 10-14-06.

Start the same way you would a child.. letters...sounds...words. This is how I do it in Mexico.

Reply by .ken on 07-29-07.

This is the web site on teaching english for spanish speakers. It has some good choices. English as 2nd Language

Reply by Lila Nickel on 09-04-07.

Thank you, Rebecca and .ken for your replies! I just found them after all of this time. I will be able to truly look into teaching in this next year.

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