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Where can I learn more about building a RAM-pump?

Original message posted by Joshua Jones on 11-30-06.

I had a friend show me once a pump that would push water up a mountain slope without using any type of electricity. He called it a RAM pump, and I was wondering if anyone knew more about these or where to find plans to make one?

Reply by Rev. Roy Ross on 12-13-06.

Hi Joshua: You might try...

Reply by Ryan Maness on 03-29-07.

Hello Joshua, The ram pump can be a little complicated. I have some plans for some homemade pumps I have made from black well pipe. They work very well and are very inexpensive to build. My family and I live in Creel, Mexico providing drinking water to the Indegenous Indians. For more info check our website.

Reply by .ken on 07-29-07. I would contact Lifewater. It is a Christian organization. Here is a diagram:

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