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Help w/NT Greek Resources

Original message posted by Chris & Joya Gorton on 11-30-06.

While on a break in the US I have begun studying Greek using free resources available on the web. My concern is that when I return to the field in Jan. we will no longer have ready access to the internet. Does anyone have any old dusty Greek reference materials such as grammars, New Testament, or Lexicons, that they would be interested in donating to such a cause? Thank you, and God bless. Chris

Reply by Joshua Jones on 11-30-06.

Chris, do they have to be paper, or could you use CD-ROM type software?

Reply by .Ken on 07-29-07.

You can buy used books at I saw some greek new testaments on for less than $5. you can download esword or online bible for free more info is on this web site I saw that esword has some Greek stuff After you download it, it can be put on a cd or stored on your computer you can find Christian software at this site

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