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Discussion Postings on Shipping and Freight

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1. Storageof donations here and overseas
(posted by Henry Baker on 07-20-09, 1 reply)
2. Hong kong
(posted by Scott on 04-06-09, 0 replies)
3. Anyone had experience shipping to ghana
(posted by Robin on 08-04-07, 2 replies)
4. Moving to mozambique
(posted by Heather on 04-01-07, 1 reply)
5. Shipping to krasnodar russia
(posted by Outlawgang on 02-06-07, 1 reply)
6. Air freight v. ocean freight for shipment to israel
(posted by Joel Groat on 07-24-06, 1 reply)
7. Shipping to japan
(posted by Jami on 06-06-06, 3 replies)
8. In conus shipping
(posted by Leroy VanWhy on 05-09-06, 0 replies)
9. Fedex or dhl missionary rate (reunion island)
(posted by KROEZE on 04-04-06, 2 replies)
10. Need shipping to the republic of s. africa
(posted by Scott Kuzel on 03-17-06, 5 replies)