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Welcome to the Missionary Airfare section of the Missionary Resource Center. This section is designed to help you learn more about air travel, and in particular, finding cheap / discount tickets and great deals as you travel.

As a missionary myself, I travel quite frequently, and I'm always keeping an eye out to see what the airlines are doing with fares and schedules. In this section of the site, we'll take a look at a number of online resources for purchasing cheap tickets, as well as websites that can enhance your travel experience. Some of the sites listed are great for finding consolidator fares or student discounts; others, like Seat Guru specialize in a niche area. Seat Guru is a neat site that tells you everything you could want to know about each seat on the airplane. I often use this on long international flights to be sure I don't end up next to the lavatory.

There aren't many books or videos that would be appropriate for the airfare section, so this one will be mostly link and resource heavy. Please feel free to add your favorite travel agent or discounter to the list; just be sure to give us a helpful description. Also, keep an eye on the articles section and discussion forums, as we'll cover some of the harder to find areas of airfare information such as national airlines, chartering flights, and mastering the art of multi-leg trips.

Got a tip or trick for getting great deals for individuals or teams? Please share it with us in the discussion forum. God bless, and Bon voyage!

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- Finding Cheap Airfare by Josh Jones

Taking a look at some of the different methods of purchasing airline tickets and how to save you money.
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2. Airfare Watchdog - Last minute, blooper, and standby airfare deals
4. Andrew Cram's Frequent Flyer Resources
8. Fare
9. FareCast - Find the cheapest times to travel
12. International Missionary Travel at highly discounted prices
16. Luxus Adventures
17. - Discount Airfare for Missions
18. Mobissimo Travel
19. MTS Travel
23. Raptim
24. Raptim International Travel
26. Seat Guru
27. Serving Those Who Serve
29. Site59
30. Sky-Auction
32. Student Universe
35. Travelocity
36. Travelzoo
37. Verge Global
38. Webflyer - Frequent Flyer Resources

Discussion Postings on Airfare

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