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Christian Drama and Mime

Drama and Mime plays a major role in thousands of short-term Christian missions trips and long-term ministries alike. The great thing about drama (be it puppets, skits, mime, etc...) is that it connects with people in a way that the spoken word often cannot. This section of the resource center is designed to provide you with ideas, books, videos, and resources for starting or expanding your drama ministry. If you're looking for a mime or skit that you can't seem to find, be sure to let us know in the discussion board. Tens of thousands of people visit this site annually; chances are someone can help you out!

Articles and Events

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- The Heart Mime Script by Joshua Jones

This article includes the script to the "Heart Mime." This skit is very powerful with or without music and is an old classic in mime ministry.
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Books and Videos

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1. Clown Ministry Skits for All Seasons
by Floyd Shaffer

This book contains clown skits for different seasons; all of them are silent skits.
Published by Group Publishing Inc (November 1990)
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2. Drama Ministry
by Steve Pederson

Practical help for church drama directors is only one of the features of this book. The text also includes directing procedures, advice on building a drama team, actor training tips, script writing, and more, as well as a CD-ROM of staging examples.
Published by Zondervan (June 1, 1999)
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3. Everything New and Who's Who in Clown Ministry
by Janet Litherland

A great resource for developing a clown ministry.
Published by Meriwether Publishing (May 1993)
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4. Fool of the Kingdom: How to Be an Effective Clown Minister
by Philip D. Noble, Rhonda Wray

Fool of the Kingdom explains how to develop a clown character, how to juggle, how to do origami and string games, and many other clown tips. It is full of ideas, advice, instructions, anecdotes, and sketches.
Published by Meriwether Pub (October 1996)
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5. Mime Ministry
by Susan K. Toomey

From the back cover: "This easy-to-use guidebook tells how anyone can become a Christian mime. - Tells how to organize a mime troupe for in-church or an outreach program - Includes warm-up exercises, games and performance tips - Ideas for song and Scripture interpretations - Many performance skits and sketches"
Published by Meriwether Publishing, Ltd (March 1, 1986)
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6. Sermons Alive!: 52 Short Dramatic Sketches for Sunday Worship
by Paul Neale Lessard, Rhonda Wray (Editor)

Published by Meriwether Pub (February 1993)
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7. The Gospel in Greasepaint: Creative Biblical Skits for Clowns, Mimes, and Other Fools for Christ
by Mark D. Stucky

From the book jacket:

This book is packed with 42 entertaining clown skits based on biblical themes. Children love clowns and clowns love children--so what better way to show God's love and teach His gospel than through clowns? All the skits are based on Bible stories and teach Christian ethics and morals in a way that is fun and entertaining. Both adults and children will enjoy seeing as well as participating in these creative skits. No memorization is needed. All of the skits are presented in a variety of pantomine and acitng situations with appropriate narration.

You can use these skits wherever you have a group of kids. Makes an ideal resource for clown and youth ministry groups. Clown skits provide an exciting way to teach Bible knowledge, encourage cooperation, build group unity, share the gospel with others, and have fun!
Published by Piccadilly Books (February 1, 1996)
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Discussion Postings on Christian Drama and Mime

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