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1. Doing Member Care Well: Perspectives and Practices from Around the World
by Kelly O'Donnell

This excellent resource is a collection of articles from around the world on missionary care topics and practices. A must-have for missions agencies and churches alike!
Published by William Carey Library Publishers (February, 2002)
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2. Home Grown Leaders
by Edgar Elliston

This books aims to provide an approach for the development of Christian leaders, whether they are small group leaders, supervisors of multiple small groups or pastors. It relies on both a biblical foundation and contemporary leadership theory.
Published by Gabriel Resources; (April 1993)
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3. How to Mobilize Church Volunteers
by Marlene Wilson

How do you motivate the volunteers on your staff? Are you "burning out" your best people? What can you do with the pew-sitters? Do you find it hard to ask for help? This insightful, practical book by Marlene Wilson, an international authority on volunteerism, will help you answer these and other questions about volunteers in the church. Problems in any church's volunteer program can be corrected, says Wilson. We can learn to care as much about people as we do about programs by using sound principles for human resource management. This new book for all churches points out common problems, establishes management principles, answers questions, and offers a plan to turn the volunteer challenge into a reality.
Published by Augsburg Fortress Publishers (August 1, 1983)
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4. Mission Handbook: U.S. and Canadian Protestant Ministries Overseas 2004-2006
by Dotsey Welliver and Minnette Northcutt

This 19th Edition of Mission Handbook lists more than eight hundred U.S. and Canadadien missions agencices, including their contact information, types of missions activities, and areas of focus.
Published by EMIS (2004)
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5. Missions
by Gailyn Van Rheenen, Gailyn Van Rheenen

Reviewer: Malissa Endsley "mme98z" (Abilene, Texas, USA) - "Most students will admit that they often do not read an entire textbook. They will read some parts, skim others and even skip some entirely. This is natural. And it definitely applies to me. However, I read every word of Van Rheenen's Missions. I was captivated from beginning to end with both the clear writing and the powerful stories. And all this from a text I was required to read! Missions served as the main text for an introductory missions course I just completed. Just recently sensing that God was calling me to the mission field, I needed a comprehensive overview of this new terrain I was exploring. This book provided that and more. In 11 chapters, it addresses the mission of God, motives of missionaries, cross-cultural communication, the role of strategy, the church maturation process, site selection, and other important issues. Not only did reading this book stimulate my head, it also pulled at my heart. Missions taught me so much, yet also gave me a glimpse of how much more I still need to learn."
Published by Zondervan Publishing Company (September 2, 1996)
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6. Missions in the Twenty-First Century
by Tom Telford, Lois Shaw

This book is an excellent resource for churches and missions agencies seeking to improve their missions focus and missionary care. Tom Telford has experience we could all learn from.
Published by Shaw (March 7, 2000)
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7. Missions made exciting for adults : creative ideas to involve adults in missions
by Elizabeth W. Crisci

Sixty interactive ideas to equip your church members to be involved in worldwide missions. The titles of a few of them are "Where Am I?" "Pennies for Cows," "Coffee Hour Special," "Sunday Travelogue," "Missions Bouquet," "Cross-Cultural Hospitality," "MK Adoptions," "Try it - You'll Like It," "Shopping Spree for MKs," "Continuous Letter," "Excuses for Jesus," "Chaotic Words," "Geography Know-How" and "Pass-the-Buck." Each activity is broken down into purpose, preparation, supplies needed, time needed, what to do and projected results. The projects can range from long-term projects to five-minute exercises. This would be an excellent resource for you to have in your church - there are so many different ideas that could be applied to different ages and for different periods of commitment.
Published by A‚ccent Publications (1996)
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8. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
by John C. Maxwell, Zig Ziglar

A truly effective book on developing leadership abilities.
Published by Thomas Nelson (September 18, 1998)
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9. The Pastor's Guide to Fund-Raising Success
by Dorsey E. Levell and Wayne E. Groner

Shows staff and volunteers how to integrate stewardship education and fundraising activities into congregational life all year long and year after year. Gives step-by-step details to turn fundraising from a mystery into a ministry. Dorsey Levell served for 31 years as founding executive director of the Council of Churches of the Ozarks. Wayne Groner was a senior-level college fundraising executive for 27 years including nine years as a vice president for development.
Published by Bonus Books (1999)
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10. Today's All-Star Missions Churches
by Tom Telford, Lois Shaw

This book uses case studies from churches representing a variety of denominations, sizes, and locations. From the detailed descriptions of the churches' missions history, vision, and programming, readers will glean practical ideas for starting or strengthening missions programs in local churches. Each chapter focuses on the unique qualities of a church that has succeeded, ranging from excellence in missionary care to involving children in missions.
Published by Baker Books (October 2001)
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