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1. Nexus: The World House Church Movement Reader
by Rad Zdero (editor)

Grassroots Christianity is exploding all around the world. In this new book edited by Rad Zdero (author of “The Global House Church Movement”), a team of almost 40 house church movement leaders and academics from around the world have written over 60 provocative articles designed to inform, inspire, and invite you to start your own network of multiplying house churches no matter where you live. This book reports on some of the amazing things God is up to today through saturation house church planting, as well as providing biblical insights, historical lessons, and practical strategies. Perfect for practitioners, leaders-in-training, seminary students, and Bible college students. (Paperback - 528 pages - 62 chapters). To order “Nexus”, call 1-706-554-1594 (outside the USA ), call 1- 800-MISSION (inside the USA ), go to, or send email to
Published by William Carey Library (June 2007)
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2. Out of the Saltshaker & into the World: Evangelism As a Way of Life
by Rebecca Manley Pippert

This book is a great resource for all who wish to make evangelism a part of their lifestyle.
Published by InterVarsity Press (July, 1999)
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3. The Global House Church Movement
by Rad Zdero

The Global House Church Movement surveys the church as prescribed in Acts, historical home church pioneers, and steps and strategies for beginning a home church.
Published by William Carey Library Pub (April, 2004)
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4. The Jesus Film
by Madacy Entertainment

An authentic account of the life of Jesus based on the Gospel of Luke. According to, this film has been translated into over 900 languages and has been seen in more than 215 countries. Languages on this DVD include English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Mandarin.
Published by Madacy Entertainment (June 24, 2003)
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5. The Moslem Christ
by Samuel M Zwemer

Reach a Muslim with the truth of who Jesus really is with the Muslim's own sciptures! What do Muslims believe about Jesus? What does the Koran teach about Christ's life, mission, teachings and deeds? What do they think really happened at the Crucifixion? And how does a Christian reach a Muslim with the truth of who Christ really is without alienating them? All this and more is answered in this scholarly yet very readable work by a Christian missionary to the Muslim World. Well recommended for all who wish to understand Muslim teaching better and reach out to those lost in Islam. Samuel Zwemer was a missionary to Arabia from 1890—1913, and then served in Egypt until 1929. Loving the Muslims passionately and knowing their religion thoroughly, with an almost perfect command of Arabic and an accurate knowledge of the Koran, he was known as the lion-hearted missionary who confounded the Arabs out of their own scriptures with the truth of Christ. Samuel Zwemer worked tirelessly for an enlargement of the missionary force to the Muslim world. After returning to the USA, he taught at Princeton Theological Seminary until 1952.
Published by Diggory Press (June 2005)
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10. Mamane's Journey: An African Muslim Youth Learns of Christ
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15. The Nations For Christ
16. Witness Center - Christian Gospel Tracts
17. YWAM Missions Training in Scotland

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