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Missionary Training

Welcome to the Missionary section on Missionary Training. In this topic we'll look at a number of opportunities to get training as a missionary. Before leaving for the mission field, getting the proper training is an absolute essential element of preparation.

If you aren't in a position to enroll in formal training (i.e. you're already on the field), be sure to browse the Books and Videos section for resources that might help you on your own time. If you're looking to enroll in formal training, you may want to answer a few questions:

These are just some of the many questions you should be asking as you browse the various missionary training programs available. If you're curious as to the quality of a particular program or school, be sure to post a thread in the discussion board asking other visitors about their experiences. With tens of thousands of regular visitors, chances are someone will know the school you're referring to. May God bless you on your journey!

Books and Videos

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1. Complete Spanish Learning Suite

Extensive Spanish language training course. Includes talking dictionary, audio CD, exercises, games, and more. CD-ROM, CD, Windows XP.
Published by ()
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2. Cross-Cultural Conflict: Building Relationships for Effective Ministry
by Duane Elmer

The authors have presented an excellent foundation for understanding cross-cultural relationships. Perhaps the best of the book is the discussion that focuses on patiently learning as much of the other culture as possible to understand non-American responses to situations and events. The authors carefully consider what an American response would be and also give examples of responses from cultures outside American culture. We are finding the book very useful for both our American missionaries and our African counterparts. Both are coming to new levels of understanding one another and working together. Great beginning!
Published by InterVarsity Press (January 1, 1994)
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3. Directory of Schools and Professors of Mission and Evangelism in the USA and Canada
by John A. Siewert

Lists 273 North American institutions that offer missions and evangelism education. Listed for each institution are phone and fax numbers, mailing address, website, email address, faculty members, mission-related degrees, certificate courses and individual courses.
Published by Evangelical Missions Information Service (June 1, 1999)
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4. GO Prepared
by Teams Commissioned for Christ International

Six dvds aimed at training short term missionaries in the areas of : 1. basis for short term missions 2. spiritual foundation 3. capturing the team spirit 4. cross cultural training 5. Ministry without creating dependency 6. Re-Entry
Published by TCCI ()
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5. Nexus: The World House Church Movement Reader
by Rad Zdero (editor)

Grassroots Christianity is exploding all around the world. In this new book edited by Rad Zdero (author of “The Global House Church Movement”), a team of almost 40 house church movement leaders and academics from around the world have written over 60 provocative articles designed to inform, inspire, and invite you to start your own network of multiplying house churches no matter where you live. This book reports on some of the amazing things God is up to today through saturation house church planting, as well as providing biblical insights, historical lessons, and practical strategies. Perfect for practitioners, leaders-in-training, seminary students, and Bible college students. (Paperback - 528 pages - 62 chapters). To order “Nexus”, call 1-706-554-1594 (outside the USA ), call 1- 800-MISSION (inside the USA ), go to, or send email to
Published by William Carey Library (June 2007)
Buy at

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6. Paradigms in Conflict: 10 Key Questions in Christian Missions Today
by David J. Hesselgrave

Hesselgrave uses Scripture, history, sociology, and missionary experiences to argue against wholesale change in current missionary theory and practice.
Published by Kregel Publications (January 15, 2006)
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7. Passion for the Heart of God
by John W. Zumwalt

From the book's dust jacket: "There is nothing worse than a stagnant relationship with Jesus. This book is a jumpstart to renewed passion for Jesus and a road map for seeing Him walk out His life through us! You will never be the same!"

I couldn't put this book down when I started reading it. It was easy to read and reproducible. John showed the simplicity of the message of the Bible in proving all the more that it is God's design to redeem all men back to Himself. God didn't just love Israel in the Old Testament, but chose them to be His ambassadors to make His name known among all peoples, just like He has chosen us as Gentiles and given us the commission to extend Christ's Kingdom to the far corners of the earth. I will never read my Bible the same again.
Published by HGM publishing (2000)
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8. Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
by Winter, Hawthorne, Dorr, Graham, and Koch

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (Third Edition) is a collection of readings exploring the biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic dimensions of world evangelization. Writings from more than 90 mission scholars and practitioners introduce lay people and students to the astounding potential of the global Christian movement. Each of the 125 articles offers practical wisdom enabling Christians to labor together in bold, biblical hope to finish the task of seeing Christ named and followed among all the peoples of the earth.
Published by William Carey Library Publishers (January 1999)
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9. Send Me! Your Journey to the Nations
by Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor

An excellent resource for those examining their missionary calling.
Published by William Carey Library (1999)
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10. The Pocket Doctor: A Passport to Healthy Travel
by Stephen Bezruchka

John Sireci---"As a medical intern, I have utilized many different books/manuals in the hospital and outpatient setting. This book is by far the most complete and satisfying source that I have ever used. The algorithms are clearly written and provide information on diagnosis and treatment based upon current guidelines. It is a must buy!"
Published by Mountaineers Books; 3rd edition (March 1, 1999)
Buy at

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11. Working Your Way to the Nations
by Jonathan P. Lewis

A process driven course to equip those who go to work overseas with a kingdom perspective. A very practical guide that focuses on personal qualities, skills, and relationships necessary to make tentmaking a successful venture.
Published by Intervarsity Press ()
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12. World Mission: An Analysis of the World Christian Movement
by Jonathan P. Lewis

An overview of the mission enterprise from pre-history through post-history. The course covers Biblical, historical, strategic and cultural dimmensions of the spread of Christian witness globally.
Published by William Carey Library ()
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Resource Directory

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1. Agua Viva Ministries
2. All Nations Christian College
3. BASIC (Brothers and Sisters in Christ)
4. Bethany College of Missions - Training Center
5. C.E.T. Internacional
6. christian connector
7. City Vision College
9. Conversational Spanish: A Guide for Short-Term Missionaries
10. Elijah Company
11. Elim Bible Institute
13. Free Christian Leadership Training
14. FTLT - Focus Team Leadership Training
15. Gateway Missionary Training Centre
16. Global Mapping International
17. Heart of God Ministries
18. Hillside Missions Organization
19. Iberoamerican Frontier Missions Brotherhood
20. Maranatha Life
21. Mission Launch Team Training
22. Mission Training International
23. Missionary Training for Latin American Workers
24. Missionary Training Service
25. Mobile Member Care Team (MMCT)
26. New Tribes Mission
27. New York School of Urban Ministry (NYSUM)
28. One Another Ministries Int'l
29. OSCAR - UK Information Service for World Mission
30. Reborn Ministries
31. Redcliffe College, Centre for Mission Training
32. Spanish Language Learning
33. Teen World Outreach
34. Thailand Missions
35. The Costa Rican Evangelical Missions Federation (FEDEMEC)
36. The Gap
37. The Global House Church Movement
38. The Journey Deepens
39. The Missionary Training School at Palmas de Mamre
40. The Timothy Project
41. Training Answers from Ask A Missionary
42. WEC International
43. Worldview Resource Group
44. YWAM Missions Training in Scotland

Discussion Postings on Missionary Training

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