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Renewable Energy and Alternative Technology

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1. Power With Nature: Solar and Wind Energy Demystified
by Rex A. Ewing

Loaded with practical information to help almost anyone gain better understanding of using and living with renewable energy. Very readable! -Dr. Mark McCray, RMS Electric
Published by PixyJack Press, LLC (April 12, 2003)
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2. Real Goods Solar Living Source Book
by John Schaeffer (Editor), Doug Pratt (Editor), Real Goods Trading Corporation

This is a classic for getting started and operating in renewable energy. Real Goods has excellent information through their books, but there actual products are a little high priced. BUY THIS BOOK if you are getting into renewable energy. It's the place to start.
Published by Real Goods (November 2001)
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3. The Passive Solar Design and Construction Handbook
by Inc. Steven Winter Associates (Editor), Michael J. Crosbie

A guide for architects and building contractors, adapting standard building practices to current passive solar applications, supplying step-by-step details...
Published by John Wiley & Sons (October 14, 1997)
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4. The Passive Solar House
by James Kachadorian

Published by Chelsea Green Publishing Company (June 1997)
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1. How Stuff Works: How Solar Cells Work
2. Missionary Engineering
3. National Renewable Energy Labratory
4. Online Solar
5. The Source for Renewable Energy
6. World Renewable Energy Network

Discussion Postings on Renewable Energy and Alternative Technology

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1. Where can i learn more about building a ram-pump?
(posted by Joshua Jones on 11-30-06, 3 replies)
2. Where is the cheapest place to buy solar panels?
(posted by John on 06-23-04, 2 replies)

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