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Teaching English - TESOL and TEFL

Resources for Teachers of English as a Second or Foreign Language (TESOL, TEFL, ESL) including games, activities, starters, lesson plans, and syllabus preparation.

Books and Videos

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1. English for Everyday Activities: A Picture Process Dictionary
by Lawrence J. Zwier

Published by New Readers Press (March 1, 1999)
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2. Language Acquisition Made Practical
by E. Thomas Brewster, Elizabeth S. Brewster

Practical advice for learning a language. Assumes the learner will have access to native speakers.
Published by Lingua House (1976)
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3. Methodology in Language Teaching : An Anthology of Current Practice
by Jack C. Richards (Editor)

From "This comprehensive anthology provides an overview of current approaches, issues, and practices in the teaching of English to speakers of other languages. Containing a broad collection of articles published primarily in the last decade, it illustrates the complexity underlying many of the practical planning and instructional activities involved in teaching English. These activities include teaching English at elementary, secondary, and tertiary levels, teacher training, language testing, curriculum and materials development, the use of computers and other technology in teaching, as well as research on different aspects of second-language learning. Organized into 16 sections, the book contains 41 articles by well-known teacher trainers and researchers. Also included are two sets of discussion questions--a pre-reading background set and a post-reading reflection set. The anthology serves as an important resource for researchers, M.A. TESOL students, and teachers wishing to design a basic course in methodology."
Published by Cambridge University Press (April 8, 2002)
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4. Principles of Language Learning and Teaching
by H. Douglas Brown

Published by Pearson Education (March 6, 2000)
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5. The Whole World Guide To Language Learning
by Terry Marshall

From the book’s cover: “Terry Marshall, Peace Corps veteran, offers a set of clear and easy-to-follow guidelines and instructions that, used conscientiously, will enable anyone going abroad to pursue language learning successfully. Marshall demonstrates how to learn from native speakers beginning with the first days of your stay—even if you have never heard a word of the language.”

“This book will be useful to a variety of learners: overseas students; volunteers, missionaries, business executives, and teachers; members of the armed forces and others living and working abroad; families of all of the above; and anyone in countries whose languages are not regularly taught in language classes.”

Published by Intercultural Press (1990)
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Resource Directory

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