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Medical Missions

Medical missions is one of the most important types of modern Christian missions. This type of ministry is very important, as it meets both felt and spiritual needs. Medical missions can consist of long-term outreach such as building hospitals, orphanages, or other medical care facilities; or it can consist of short-term teams doing clinics for medical or dental treatment. Some teams will treat only a few broad illnesses such as outbreaks or the common parasite.

This section of the Missionary Resource Center will focus on resources for team leaders, coordinators, field receivers, and doctors and dentists. Common needs will include finding donated medicines, clinic consultation forms, and advice on third-world medical practice. If you can't find the resource you're looking for, be sure to post a note on our discussion board and one of our volunteers will help you find it.

Books and Videos

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1. Ditch Medicine : Advanced Field Procedures For Emergencies
by Hugh Coffee

A field manual with instructions for emergency procedures when faced with life or death medical situations. Contains photographs and illustrations.
Published by Paladin Press (May, 1993)
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2. High Altitude Illness & Wellness
by Charles S. Houston

Great advice for taking care of yourself while ascending to new heights.
Published by ICS Books (February 1, 1998)
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3. Medicine for the Backcountry, 3rd
by Buck Tilton and Frank Hubbell

"Medicine for the Backcountry can prepare you for just about any major or minor medical emergency you might face in the outdoors. Using real-life anecdotes, step-by-step instructions, and clear illustrations, this invaluable guide shows you how to assess, manage, and care for bone breaks and fractures, muscular injuries, heat and cold injuries, near drowning, spinal trauma, bites and stings and many other potential maladies. Each chapter also includes "The Barehanded Principles" - a point-by-point summary of the information you need to know to provide help in a hurry."
Published by Globe Pequot Pr (September 1, 1999)
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4. The Pocket Doctor: A Passport to Healthy Travel
by Stephen Bezruchka

John Sireci---"As a medical intern, I have utilized many different books/manuals in the hospital and outpatient setting. This book is by far the most complete and satisfying source that I have ever used. The algorithms are clearly written and provide information on diagnosis and treatment based upon current guidelines. It is a must buy!"
Published by Mountaineers Books; 3rd edition (March 1, 1999)
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5. US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook
by US Department of the Army

Gives instructions for emergency first aid; includes lists for first aid kits.
Published by Apple Pie Publishers, LLC (January 6, 1999)
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6. Where There Is No Dentist
by Murray Dickson

Through simple language and clear illustrations, this manual provides directions for dental cleaning, filling, and extraction using the tools and materials at hand in undeveloped areas.
Published by Herperian Foundation (October, 1983)
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7. Where There Is No Doctor
by David Werner

The book includes easy to read diagrams and illustrations, accompanied by clear instructions for treatment, while taking into consideration the limited resources often found in undeveloped areas. It also encourages preventative health care and education through practical advice.
Published by Hesperian Foundation (June 1983)
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8. Wilderness 911: A Step-By-Step Guide for Medical Emergencies and Improvised Care in the Backcountry
by Eric A. Weiss

In addition to giving layman instructions for emergency medical response, this includes medication dosages and conversion tables.
Published by Mountaineers Books (November, 1998)
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