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Unreached People Groups

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1. Back To Jerusalem
by Paul Hattaway

Three Chinese house church leaders share their vision to complete the Great Commission.
Published by Gabriel Publishing (September, 2003)
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2. Bruchko
by Bruce Olson

An all-time great missionary biography.
Published by Creation House (April 1989)
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3. Keys to the Nations
by Caleb Project

From the cover: "This workbook is one of the most comprehensive resources available anywhere for senders and mobilizers focused on unreached peoples. Containing nearly 100 articles, it covers a broad range of issues: understanding unreached peoples, establishing effective partnerships among agencies and churches, facilitating people-group adoptions, maintaining security, fundraising, using the Internet, and much more. An invaluable tool to help you open doors to the kingdom!"
Published by Caleb Project (2002)
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4. Operation World: When We Pray God Works
by Patrick Johnstone, Jason Mandryk, Robyn Johnstone

Operation World, the definitive prayer handbook for the church, is now available in its 21st century edition containing 80% new material. Packed with informative and inspiring fuel for prayer about every country of the world, it is essential for anybody who wants to make a difference.
Published by Authentic Media (September 2001)
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5. Praying Through the Window III: The Unreached Peoples
by Patrick Johnstone, John Hanna, Marti Smith

This book will deepen any Christian intercessor's prayer life. The book proceeds through regions of the world and gives information on the unreachd people groups that live in these regions. The pictures will help you feel compassion for these peoples. I have used this book for a year now and I find that it has made my prayer life much more focussed on the nations. The prayer requests are specific to each group of people and make praying more accurate. If you desire to glorify God through prayer, this is the book for you! -Carissa Netsch (United States)
Published by YWAM Publishing (October 1, 1996)
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Resource Directory

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1. Bethany World Prayer Center
2. China's Millions
4. Ethnologue - by SIL
5. FTLT - Focus Team Leadership Training
6. Global Mapping International
7. Hillside Missions Organization
8. Joshua Project
9. Mamane's Journey: An African Muslim Youth Learns of Christ
10. Missions to Unreached Peoples
11. New Tribes Mission
12. Operation World Website
13. - Find minority ethnic populations in the US
15. World Christian Database
16. Wycliffe Bible Translators USA

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