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Short Term Missions

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- Ten Commandments for mission trip participants by Howard Culbertson

This article describes healthy attitudes on short-term mission trips.
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- Ten ways to ruin short term mission trips by Howard Culbertson

Believe it or not, it's possible to have a bad short-term missions experience. Most times, this is not the fault of the situation or organization. Often, the root cause is the short-termer's own attitudes and expectations.
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Books and Videos

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1. A Guide to Short Term Missions: A Comprehensive Manual for Planning an Effective Mission Trip
by Leon Greene

Everything you need to know to plan a successful short term missions trip from an authoritative source.
Published by Gabriel Publishing (April 2003)
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2. Building Teams in Ministry
by Dale Galloway

Published by Beacon Hill Press (Jan 2001)
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3. Emercy's Short-Term Missions Toolbox
by Joshua Jones

This toolbox has everything a new short-term mission team leader could need to get started. This is not another how-to book; this is a CD full of printable and editable documents that you'll use with your team. Team member applications, meeting guides, stock photos, the whole nine yards!
Published by Emercy (November 2005)
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4. GO Prepared
by Teams Commissioned for Christ International

Six dvds aimed at training short term missionaries in the areas of : 1. basis for short term missions 2. spiritual foundation 3. capturing the team spirit 4. cross cultural training 5. Ministry without creating dependency 6. Re-Entry
Published by TCCI ()
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5. Mack & Leeann's Guide to Short-Term Missions
by J. Mack Stiles, Leeann Stiles

Published by Intervarsity Press (September 2000)
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6. Maximum Impact Short-Term Mission
by Roger Peterson, Gordon Aeschliman, R. Wayne Sneed

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Published by STEM Press (April 2003)
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7. Mission Trip Prep Kit Leader's Guide
by Kevin Johnson

"Use this kit to get on-site impact as well as long-term spiritual change in your kids. Whether you're a mission-trip novice or a savvy traveler outside your comfort zones. Whether your group's trip is geared toward reaching others with the gospel or to disciple your young missionaries. In several sessions spread over a month or two--or in an intensive, two-day training session or retreat. You'll receive not only the rationale, the how, and the logistics of planning and pulling off a missions trip, but also 4 pre-trip teaching sessions that will help your students" - Back cover
Published by Youth Specialties (March 1, 2003)
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8. Short-Term Missions: From Mision Tourists to Global Citizens
by Tim Dearborn

Published by Intervarsity Press (October 2003)
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9. Stepping Out: A Guide to Short Term Missions
by Ywam Publishers

This book contains an excellent collection of short stories and studies on various aspects of short term missions.
Published by Crown Ministries Intl (September 1996)
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10. Successful Mission Teams: A Guide for Volunteers
by Martha VanCise

Published by New Hope Publishers (June 1, 1998)
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11. The Essential Guide to the Short Term Mission Trip
by David C. Forward

Published by Moody Publishers (January 1998)
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12. Vacations With a Purpose: A Planning Handbook for Your Short-Term Missions Team
by Chris Eaton, Kim Hurst

Published by Not Provided (January 1, 1993)
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1. "Time Out" - Group Bible Studies for Short-Term Mission Trips
2. Adventures In Missions
3. Believers World Outreach
4. C.E.T. Internacional
5. Campus Crusade for Christ, International
6. Conversational Spanish: A Guide for Short-Term Missionaries
7. DRIME - Disciples Ready In Mobile Evangelism
8. Emercy's Short-Term Missions Toolbox CD
9. Go Missions to Mexico
10. Illinois South Conference Ecuador Partnership
11. Info from Southern Nazarene University
12. Mission Launch Team Training
13. Mission Trips
14. On The Go Ministries
15. Raptim International Travel
16. Satellite Phone Rentals
17. Satellite Phone Rentals - Sat Phone Store
18. Short Term - team leader articles
19. Short Term Missions: Factors Not Often Considered
20. Spear Missions Mexico
22. Teen Mania
23. Ten Commandments for Short Term Missions
24. The HOPE ESL software curriculum
25. The Short-term Missions Explosion
26. Youth With a Mission (YWAM)

Discussion Postings on Short Term Missions

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