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1. Back To Jerusalem
by Paul Hattaway

Three Chinese house church leaders share their vision to complete the Great Commission.
Published by Gabriel Publishing (September, 2003)
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2. How to Be a World Class Christian
by Paul Borthwick

"If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the challenges of our world, both near and far, Paul Borthwick has some good news for you. He’s reduced the enormous and complex needs of people next door or across the world into manageable chunks so that an individual, small group, Christian education class, or an entire church can get excited about personal involvement." From the foreword by Robert A. Seiple – Former President, World Vision
Published by Gabriel Publishing (January 1, 1999)
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3. Magnify Your Vision for the Small Church
by John Rowell

Using the example of Northside Community Church's outreach in Kosovo, Rowell challenges other small churches to actively fulfill the Great Commission.
Published by Northside Community Church (January 15, 1999)
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4. Missions in the Twenty-First Century
by Tom Telford, Lois Shaw

This book is an excellent resource for churches and missions agencies seeking to improve their missions focus and missionary care. Tom Telford has experience we could all learn from.
Published by Shaw (March 7, 2000)
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5. Operation World: When We Pray God Works
by Patrick Johnstone, Jason Mandryk, Robyn Johnstone

Operation World, the definitive prayer handbook for the church, is now available in its 21st century edition containing 80% new material. Packed with informative and inspiring fuel for prayer about every country of the world, it is essential for anybody who wants to make a difference.
Published by Authentic Media (September 2001)
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6. Paradigms in Conflict: 10 Key Questions in Christian Missions Today
by David J. Hesselgrave

Hesselgrave uses Scripture, history, sociology, and missionary experiences to argue against wholesale change in current missionary theory and practice.
Published by Kregel Publications (January 15, 2006)
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7. Passion for the Heart of God
by John W. Zumwalt

From the book's dust jacket: "There is nothing worse than a stagnant relationship with Jesus. This book is a jumpstart to renewed passion for Jesus and a road map for seeing Him walk out His life through us! You will never be the same!"

I couldn't put this book down when I started reading it. It was easy to read and reproducible. John showed the simplicity of the message of the Bible in proving all the more that it is God's design to redeem all men back to Himself. God didn't just love Israel in the Old Testament, but chose them to be His ambassadors to make His name known among all peoples, just like He has chosen us as Gentiles and given us the commission to extend Christ's Kingdom to the far corners of the earth. I will never read my Bible the same again.
Published by HGM publishing (2000)
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8. Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
by Winter, Hawthorne, Dorr, Graham, and Koch

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (Third Edition) is a collection of readings exploring the biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic dimensions of world evangelization. Writings from more than 90 mission scholars and practitioners introduce lay people and students to the astounding potential of the global Christian movement. Each of the 125 articles offers practical wisdom enabling Christians to labor together in bold, biblical hope to finish the task of seeing Christ named and followed among all the peoples of the earth.
Published by William Carey Library Publishers (January 1999)
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9. Six Dangerous Questions to Transform Your View of the World
by Paul Borthwick

Six questions challenge the reader’s worldview, especially where missions are concerned.
Published by Intervarsity Press (January 1997)
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10. The Great Omission
by Robertson McQuilkin

In this book, Robertson McQuilkin answers the question, "How come, with so many unreached peoples, there are so few Christians going?", investigating the reasons so few attempt to carry the message of Christ to the multitudes who have never heard of Him.
Published by Gabriel Publishing (March 2002)
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11. Today's All-Star Missions Churches
by Tom Telford, Lois Shaw

This book uses case studies from churches representing a variety of denominations, sizes, and locations. From the detailed descriptions of the churches' missions history, vision, and programming, readers will glean practical ideas for starting or strengthening missions programs in local churches. Each chapter focuses on the unique qualities of a church that has succeeded, ranging from excellence in missionary care to involving children in missions.
Published by Baker Books (October 2001)
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12. Too Valuable to Lose: Exploring the Causes and Cures of Missionary Attrition
by William D. Taylor

This book is a tremendous instrument for missions agencies, churches, and missionaries. It is the result of studies on missionary attrition, its causes, and its cures. I highly recommend it.
-Joshua Jones, Emercy
Published by William Carey Library Publishers (January 1997)
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