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- Paul vs. John – Information Security Then & Now by John Edmiston (Cybermissions) with advice from Pete Holzmann (ICTA)

(Why Paul Got More Press But John Lived Longer!)
An In-depth look at how to take information security seriously
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1. SiPix portable printer - Super Small!

This printer is powered by 4 AA batteries and can operate with IR or a serial port. It uses thermal printing technology and is amazingly small.
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1. Basic Utility Vehicles
2. Garmin International
3. Globalstar - Satellite Phones
4. International Airtime on Demand
5. Iridium - Sat Phones, Data, Text
6. Mission Phone. Com
7. Missionary Engineering
8. NetworkStreaming
9. Panasonic - Tough Book Computers
10. Satellite Communications
11. Satellite Phone Rentals
12. Satellite Phone Rentals - Sat Phone Store
13. Send Global International Airtime
14. The HOPE ESL software curriculum
15. Thrane and Thrane - Satellite Communications
16. Thuraya - Sat Phones
17. Use Skype to make cheap phone calls
18. Vonage VOIP service - Call the US for free from anywhere

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1. Need a over head projector
(posted by George Temar on 06-05-13, 0 replies)
2. Helping with phone expense
(posted by Billy Self on 08-08-05, 1 reply)

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