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1. Experiencing God - Knowing and Doing His Will
by Henry Blackaby

In Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God, believers will renew and revitalize their love for the Lord by seeing His love for them in its full dimensions. This contemporary masterpiece has sold over a quarter million copies in hardcover.
Published by Lifeway Press (October 1, 1990)
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2. Passion for the Heart of God
by John W. Zumwalt

From the book's dust jacket: "There is nothing worse than a stagnant relationship with Jesus. This book is a jumpstart to renewed passion for Jesus and a road map for seeing Him walk out His life through us! You will never be the same!"

I couldn't put this book down when I started reading it. It was easy to read and reproducible. John showed the simplicity of the message of the Bible in proving all the more that it is God's design to redeem all men back to Himself. God didn't just love Israel in the Old Testament, but chose them to be His ambassadors to make His name known among all peoples, just like He has chosen us as Gentiles and given us the commission to extend Christ's Kingdom to the far corners of the earth. I will never read my Bible the same again.
Published by HGM publishing (2000)
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