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1. 1001 Incredible Things to Do On the Internet
by Ken Leebow

Learn to surf without the search and bypass those search engines that take forever to download and too often don't provide the right information anyway. Complete compendium, conveniently organized from A to Z. Softcover.
Published by Warner Books (October 1, 2001)
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2. Find It Online--Fourth Edition : The Complete Guide to Online Research (Find It Online: The Complete
by Alan M. Schlein

"Some of the many helpful things you will learn include: (1) which search engines work best for which kinds of questions; (2) how to get the fewest possible sites from a search with the greatest likelihood that they will be helpful to you; (3) which sources of information to go to directly without a search first; (4) how to assess the credibility of a source; (5) how to get things for free that most people pay for; (6) when to spend money to save time; (7) how to manage your e-mail to spend less time on it." --Donald Mitchell
Published by Facts on Demand Press; 4th edition (August 25, 2004)
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3. Researching Online for Dummies (with CD-ROM)
by Reva Basch, Mary Ellen Bates

Although this Dummies book is in the typically informal and irreverent beginner's style, even the most competent searcher will find it invaluable. Author Reva Basch has written the gold standard for books about online research. Wired magazine calls her "the ultimate intelligent agent" for a very good reason. Basch doesn't just give you information on search engines and how to use them. She takes you into the mindset of a professional Net cybrarian, sharing the essential truth about online research. (There is a huge difference between surfing and searching.) In chapters such as "Thinking and Working Like a Researcher," you learn what to do when presented with 42,178 hits--or worse, no hits at all--when using a search engine. Even when you hit pay dirt, Basch explains the importance of evaluating the information you find to make sure it's relevant and accurate.
Published by For Dummies; 2nd edition (February 15, 2000)
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Resource Directory

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1. 300 different sites that allow you to browse the web anonymously
2. ABC Teach
4. AccuWeather
5. Ad-Aware
6. Bethany World Prayer Center
7. Bible Gateway
8. Bible Study Online or Correspondence Course
9. Blue Letter Bible
10. Boggle's World
11. Brigada
12. Chalk Line - Prayer Letter Service
13. Christian Photography
14. Clip Art Collection
15. - Bible Study Tools
16. DPI Prayer Cards
17. EmercyWeb - Web Hosting and Design
18. Free Christian Leadership Training
19. Global Mapping International
20. Group Mail Free from Infacta
21. Helping Overseas Directory
22. HouseCall from Trend Micro
23. Infoplease - a good online atlas
24. InJesus
26. iShip Tracking Tools
27. Joshua Project
28. Medical Spanish
29. Mission Phone. Com
30. Mission Trips
31. Mission2go
32. Missionary Prayer Cards
35. Missions Linked
36. Oanda - The Currency Site
38. OSCAR - UK Information Service for World Mission
39. Paypal
40. RFS Software
41. Shutterfly
42. SpamCheck
43. Teachers Net
44. TESL Journal Activities
45. The Nations For Christ
47. Thrane and Thrane - Satellite Communications
48. - an online world clock and calendar service
49. Use Skype to make cheap phone calls

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1. What is the best online virus scanner available?
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