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Missions Agencies

Welcome to the Missions Agencies section of the Missionary Resource Center.

When searching for the right missions agency, it helps to keep a few things in mind:

These are just a few of the many questions you should be asking yourself as you seek the right missions agency for yourself and your family. It's a vital decision that could make a significant impact in your ministry, even though they'll be thousands of miles away from you. Below you'll find a compilation of missions agencies and resources related to agencies. Please be sure to submit any resources or agencies that are missing from our list.

Books and Videos

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1. Mission Handbook: U.S. and Canadian Protestant Ministries Overseas 2004-2006
by Dotsey Welliver and Minnette Northcutt

This 19th Edition of Mission Handbook lists more than eight hundred U.S. and Canadadien missions agencices, including their contact information, types of missions activities, and areas of focus.
Published by EMIS (2004)
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2. Out of the Comfort Zone
by George Verwer

George Verwer, the founder and current international director of Operation Mobilization (OM), writes this book after 40 years of trying and motivating kingdom work. Having worked with so many people (over 100,000 people have been through OM since the late '50s) from all over the world (over 60 nationalities represented within OM), his insight and knowledge into world missions are practically unmatched today. The cornerstone of this book is the need for a more 'grace awakened' and balanced approach to world missions. Mr. Verwer clearly spells out simplistic and encouraging solutions to many of the key issues facing the church today, such as tensions between being and doing, leadership, using only nationals as missionaries, and many more.
Published by Send the Light Inc (July 1, 2000)
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3. Passion for the Heart of God
by John W. Zumwalt

From the book's dust jacket: "There is nothing worse than a stagnant relationship with Jesus. This book is a jumpstart to renewed passion for Jesus and a road map for seeing Him walk out His life through us! You will never be the same!"

I couldn't put this book down when I started reading it. It was easy to read and reproducible. John showed the simplicity of the message of the Bible in proving all the more that it is God's design to redeem all men back to Himself. God didn't just love Israel in the Old Testament, but chose them to be His ambassadors to make His name known among all peoples, just like He has chosen us as Gentiles and given us the commission to extend Christ's Kingdom to the far corners of the earth. I will never read my Bible the same again.
Published by HGM publishing (2000)
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4. Too Valuable to Lose: Exploring the Causes and Cures of Missionary Attrition
by William D. Taylor

This book is a tremendous instrument for missions agencies, churches, and missionaries. It is the result of studies on missionary attrition, its causes, and its cures. I highly recommend it.
-Joshua Jones, Emercy
Published by William Carey Library Publishers (January 1997)
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Resource Directory

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1. Adventures In Missions
2. Africa Inland Missions
3. Agency Answers from Ask A Missionary
4. Assemblies of God, General Council
5. Association of Baptists for World Evangelism
6. Baptist International Missions, Inc.
7. Barnabas International
8. Believers World Outreach
9. Believers World Outreach
10. Bethany College of Missions - Training Center
11. Bible Baptist Fellowship International
12. Campus Crusade for Christ, International
13. Church of the Nazarene
14. Compassion International
15. Emmaus Road International
16. Foursquare Missions International
17. Free Methodist World Missions
18. Frontiers
19. FTLT - Focus Team Leadership Training
20. Global Aid Network (GAiN)
21. Global Missionary Evangelism
22. Go Missions to Mexico
23. Heart of God Ministries
24. Hillside Missions Organization
25. Iberoamerican Frontier Missions Brotherhood
26. Illinois South Conference Ecuador Partnership
27. InterAct Ministries
28. International Servants
29. Jews for Jesus
30. Joshua Project
31. Launch Out Ministries
32. Mercy Economic Development International Corporation (MEDIC)
33. Mercy Ships
34. Mission Agency Links
35. Mission Aviation Fellowship
36. Mission to the World
37. Mission Trips
38. Missions to Unreached Peoples
39. Navigators
40. New Tribes Mission
41. Open Arms International Ministries
42. Operation Mobilisation
43. ORPHANetwork
44. OSCAR - UK Information Service for World Mission
46. Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship
47. Reformed Presbyterian Missions
48. Southern Baptist International Mission Board
49. Spear Missions Mexico
50. TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Missions)
51. Team Expansion
52. Teen Mania
53. Thailand Missions
54. The Costa Rican Evangelical Missions Federation (FEDEMEC)
55. Voice of the Martyrs
56. Wycliffe Bible Translators USA
57. Youth With a Mission (YWAM)

Discussion Postings on Missions Agencies

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